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In Times Of Great Need...

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20-05-10: In Times Of Great Need...

I have to say that despite the amount of extra time it's taking to draw these latest RPG strips (not to mention the extra hard work it's taking), I'm actually quite enjoying drawing them. I think it has something to do with all the Elizabethan style housing that seems to be prevelant in this particular city the gang has reached that I'm finding so enjoyable. I've always liked the wood-beam striped visage to buildings of that period, as well as the haphazard look of some of the buildings who's upper floors stick out further than the lower ones. It seems to be a look that fits in well with the Quackers universe, and my own haphazard way of drawing it! But despite the fun of drawing all these scenes, I will be glad to get back to some strips which aren't as background intensive!
This week's strip introduces one of the more important aspects of any role-playing game... Where to get coffee. Even an all-powerful mage needs a pick-me-up first thing in the morning. The store featured in this strip has been seen in one of the previous episodes, way, waaaaaay back toward the beginning of the whole thing before the gang even left the first city. It was just a fleating glance of the green logo on a sign in the background, mostly obscured, but it was there. I've been planning to introduce this coffee shop for a while, and finally saw my chance this week! Next week we get to see the interior of one of these mystical, wonderous places!
And for those of you who don't know, the store's name is a reference to Lord of the Rings. To those of you who got the reference, congratulations! You're probably as bigger geek as I am. Well done!

Ooh, and as an addendum, lots of new photos have been added to my flickr and Deviant Art accounts. There is a larger selection on flickr, but the best of the bunch can be found on DA. Please take a look, and feel free to comment on any that you like =D

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