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27-05-10: Order Up

OK, that was seriously the most fun I've ever had drawing a Quackers strip! This week's episode has to be my favourite of any that I've done before. I'm not sure if it's simply if I'm just really happy with the way the characters turned out (which I am), or if it's just the length of time that it's taken to get this one made and I'm just excited to have finally done it. Probably both, to be honest. You see, I've had the script for this written out for around three years - almost since the role playing storyline first began. My initial aim was to have this Star-Uruks appear near the end of the story. Of course that was back when the story was only going to run for a couple of months at most. Since then the story's grown much larger and that ending is a long way off at the moment! Because of that I've been looking for a place to wedge this episode in and as you can see, this week was that time. In fact last week's episode was made just so that I could wedge this one in! Shameless? Undoubtedly. Do I care? Not in the slightest, as I'm ecstatic to have finally been able to make the strip I've been waiting to do all this time.
So, I've finished the strip that's been aching to be drawn for years, now what? Well, next week we will be carrying on with the role playing game story. However it will be the last one for a few more weeks as I'll then be going back to some classic Quackers strips I have planned (it can't all be geekery and silly hats, you know). I do plan to get back to the role playing game sometime soon though as there's plenty more story to get through in the city before the gang can move on! Does this mean we'll get to see the return of Zoltan and some of the other characters we've met lately sometime in the future? I'm not too sure at the moment, but if I can think up any decent scripts where they can appear you can be sure I'll use them.

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