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17-06-10: Three-Hundred

It's a special occassion here at Quackers as we reach a milestone in the history of the comic: our three-hundredth strip. We think that it's something worth celebrating considering the inauspicious beginnings of the comic and the numerous technical problems it's had during it's run (note to self: be sure to back everything up again once I'm done).
There have been many changes over the years, too. From behind the scenes moves and shake-ups, to the overall quality of the strips, to making Jason and Tom the stars of the show. Indeed, dropping the update schedule down to one strip per week - while a little disheartening at the time I made the decision - has proved to be worthwhile when you look at the drastic improvements to the art, writing (no matter what Tom thinks) and size of each strip. Just try going back over the comic from the beginning to see what I mean.
However, through it all Quackers has only maintained a modest readership. True we have a loyal and devoted following, but it's still very small. So, while I'm confident that Quackers will be running for many more years, and even though we have plenty of stories to work through, I would like to ask one small favour of you, our readers. If you're a fan of our comic, please mention it to others who might also enjoy it, and encourage them to do the same. It may not seem like much, but it would be nice to be able to reach a wider audience, and after all, the comic is there to be read! So please, spread the word, and help us indoctrinate welcome more people into the world of Quackers!

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