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Only To Be Expected

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24-06-10: Only To Be Expected

It's not an accurate representation of what happened this week, but this week's episode is a fair generalisation of the fun I've had. Now I like summer. The warm weather, the sunshine, blue skies, and longer days... At least I enjoy the three days or so of it that we get here in the UK. So far for every clear, warm day we've had five or more cloudy/rainy days following it. But my hopes were inevitably high when it seemed we'd get at least a couple of nice days together. But we all know that's a rookie mistake, and true to form I ended up with an ear infection right at the time the good weather shows up and I miss half of it feeling rotten in bed. So this strip was a little homage to that.
It has been a bit of a week for dimwittedness though. I believe that I've been running on autopilot and at least half IQ for the last few days. I've been making mistakes that could quite happily sit alongside some of the things posted to #LFMF. But ever the optimist (those of you who know me can stop sniggering) I've come away from these mishaps with ideas for a new comic series. There's no telling when this series might show up, or in what format. I haven't even decided whether the Quackers team will appear in it yet. But the idea is a good start at least, right?

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