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Invasion From Beyond The Stars!

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As is traditional at this time of year, things have been conspiring against Quackers and me getting anything posted on time. From excessive and quite frankly bizarre working hours, to PC exploding and yes, even getting new jobs, this comic has always had a rough time of it through the autumn period. As you can tell this year is no exception, although we did start things early this time with all the problems encountered over the last couple of months. Anyway, the first episode of the annual Quackers Halloween Spectacular is now up for you all to see. The next episode will arrive on Sunday all being well. The remainder of the episodes will be posted as and when they are ready, but be advised that my current schedule is pretty full and Quackers no longer has the priority it once had in my life. What this means is that while I fully intend to keep the comic alive, future updates will continue to be erratic as I will only post new strips as and when I can get them finished.
I would ask one favour of you all and that is to help spread the word about Quackers. Please tell anyone who you think might enjoy the comic all about us. If they like it, encourage them to tell others, too. Any increase in the readership would be welcome (seriously, we're dying here and have been for a very long time), and it will also mean that updates would become more regular as I'd have to prioritise for the increased audience. Not that I'm blackmailing you all, you understand... Let's just call it an "incentive". After all, anything that means more strips has to be a good thing, right? :)

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