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New Year, Same Old Resolution

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06-01-11: New Year, Same Old Resolution

The holidays are over, the sales are almost depleted and things are progressively returning to normal. But there's still one thing left to do and that's come up with all kinds of well intentioned resolutions for the upcoming twelve months which we all know will go straight out of the window within several days. Several days if you're lucky. Obviously for someone like Jason even one day is a long time, but at least he's means well.
And speaking of things lasting a long time, week's strip is going to be the start of a whole new storyline. I first concieved of it a couple of years ago, and it's been kicking around all this time. However during that time what started as a small handful of scripts has somehow multiplied over the intervening years into something akin to a novel (much like this news post). Looking at the scripts I have lined up - and assuming I don't come up with more in the meantime - this bunch of strips is set to run for the next three months if I'm able to get out one a week. So sit back and get comfortable as this will be a long story! But worry not, many of these scripts are only loosely tied together by one theme/location, so I'm hoping it won't get too samey. Comments, as ever, are welcome. Simply email me your thoughts if you feel so inclined on this or any other matter. Or even be so bold as to join our Facebook fanpage and brazenly air your opinions to the Quackers community at large! Otherwise keep an eye on your RSS feeds for the next - as yet unscheduled - episode of Quackers.

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