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Starting Out Easy

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27-01-11: Starting Out Easy

Yes I know, this strip's joke is older than dirt. But you do have to keep in mind that I did write this one eons ago, way back in the murky and prehistoric days of 2006. It was a simpler time back then, when the summers were longer and warmer, television had something on other than unending reality shows and dinosaurs walked the Earth and presented intruiging factual news programmes on the wireless... Actually I may be misremembering a few things there, but one's memory struggles to remember so far back in time.

2006 was also a time when ducks tended to look something like this:
...and less like this:

It's amazing what evolution can do in just a scant few years! In fact (in a desperate bid to get back on topic), this week's strip was written before Quackers as a webcomic had even gone live. I came up with the idea as I was still scratching out the code for the site (on papyrus and slate) and trying desperately to come up with something workable. It was long before Jason even became one of the main stars of the comic and so long ago Tom hadn't even made it into the cast line-up! But despite the age, there was something about the idea of this strip that stuck with me and I just knew that no matter what it was going to end up as part of the current gym storyline. If nothing else it was interesting to see how different Quackers has become when comparing it to the old concept sketches.

And before anyone asks, yes Jason's strained facial expressions and amusing exasperations are based almost entirely on the range of faces and noises I produce when exercising myself.

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