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Making It Look Easy

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03-02-11: Making It Look Easy

And so this week we have a strip idea contributed by Dave, previously known for helping out with ideas for the Adventures of Commander Witless. The idea came about some time ago while we were using the treadmill at the gym and happened to discuss his gecko character. I don't often use other people's ideas for the comic as it's hard to remain faithful to what they've imagined in their heads when drawing it out. After all, my psychic powers are limited. But there was something about this idea that made me want to draw it, and I do like a challenge. And challenging it was, but also strangely satisfying. And we now have yet another episode added to our gym storyline. So - at the risk of inflating his ego - I will humbly step aside and let any commendations (or condemnations) for this week's strip be directed to Dave. Thanks for letting me steal your ideas!

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