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White Ducks Can't Jump

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04-04-11: White Ducks Can't Jump

It never fails does it? Just when you think you're on top of things something happens to mess it all up. But it's a case of 'the best laid plans' I suppose... Once more I miss a deadline due to my idiocy! Despite picking up a few good habits after the computer crash of 2007 - such as backing up all my files to seperate drives, I still have much to learn it seems. After re-installing Photoshop this week I intelligently moved all my backed-up personal settings files into the programme so that I could have access to all my Quackers brushes, colour swatches, etc. Little did I realise that while I regularly back these files up, I hadn't actually saved them - and therfore updating them - from within Photoshop itself for a good long time. Which means I've lost all the brushes I use regularly and I'm left with very out of date ones. So I've had to painstakingly try to rebuild my brush collection from memory, and my colour swatches one-by-one from old strips. This lead to the delay in the latest episode being published to the site.
The moral of this story kiddies is that not only should you back up your important files, but you should make sure to update them once in a while as well!

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