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Immersive Exercise

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05-05-11: Immersive Exercise

Gee, Life just doesn't want me to work on this comic, does it? Phone-line outages preventing internet access, full-time work and a multitude of disasters have been taking their toll. But we're back again with another gym-related installment of Quackers. I won't say when the next strip will be aired as my free time is still limited and I still have lots of things to sort out in my life that take precedence over the comic, I'm afraid. One day I'll get my life in order and then I suppose the Univesre will implode. As for the next strip, it'll be one of, if not the last of the gym episodes. I know it's been running for a little too long, but hang in there, we're almost through! After that we'll be back to some of the more usual craziness.

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