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Patching Is Futile

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06-07-11: Patching Is Futile

This week we have a particularly geeky episode of Quackers. More than Quackers usually gets. It's just something that has to be done sometimes if for no other reason than to get this stuff out of my head and make room in there for other things. It also serves quite well to segue into the upcoming strips where I'll be unleashing mine and Jason's inner-geek as we return to the Adventures of Commander Witless, starring the futuristic incarnation of our cherished knucklehead. Looking back it's been over two years since I first drew a Commander Witless strip, so we're long overdue to return to the future and see how the crew of the Finicky Fowl are holding up. So consider yourselves warned, there will be much sci-fi geekery ahead in the coming weeks!
Oh, and as I'm kind of proud of the time and effort I put into the first and last panels of this episode, I've posted larger versions for all to see on the Quackers Facebook Fanpage, so be sure to take a look to see those and many other unique Quackers pictures and previews. Why not think about joining the group while you're there? (hint, hint)

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