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CLEAR AS *crackle* *hiss*

Clear as *crackle* *hiss*

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19-07-11: Clear as *crackle* *hiss*

I had a lot of problems getting this strip out. First of all, it wasn't my first choice out of all the Commander Witless strips I have roughed out. But as I was going through the large pile of other strips I had in mind I realised that most of them would be workable as a story-arch, and so I had to rethink which ones I would use and when. Another problem I hit was that some of them are interchangable between two story ideas I have and I have yet to make a firm decision on which plot they belong to! And to top it all off when it came to me actually drawing this comic I realised that a good two years have gone by since the team of the Finicky Fowl were last shown that I had trouble actually rendering them, andeven more problems drawing the ship itself. So, I apologise for the lack of quality in some of the frames of this episode (just don't stare too hard at the first and second panels). Oh, and a particularly stubborn cold I've managed to catch hasn't been helping either...
More geeky sci-fi fun is to come here on Quackers once I have the time to draw it (it sucks having a full-time job sometimes).

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