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The Challenge

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21-05-12: The Challenge

Will Mr Hoppity remain a feather duster forever? Will he and Jason manage to get the better of the magic-shop keeper and get revenge for what he's done? You'll all have to wait and see until we take up the Role Playing storyline later in the year. I thought it was time for a little break from this set of strips and return to some more contemporary episodes for a while. It'll also give me a break from constantly drawing that shop interior (something I was getting a bit tired of), and hopefully get me back into a more regular updating routine. So tune in next time to see what the modern-day Jason and Tom have been getting up to after all these weeks.

Oh, and if your desktop has been looking a little drab lately, there are now two new wallpapers of the magic shop in the wallpaper section that might just help...

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