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DIY Fetch

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22-07-12: DIY Fetch

As the summertime theme continues here on Quackers I find that I myself keep missing out on any short bursts of good weather we actually have. However, being forced to stay indoors has lead me to add a couple of new things to the website that have been long overdue! As you may have already noticed there is a new comments section under the latest comic. While I've never been able to implement comments before (not through lack of trying), I have finally been able to link FB comments to the site. so for the first time ever readers of Quackers can now leave their thoughts here on the site, and even link here from Facebook. Neat, huh?
A Google+ button has also been added too. So while you might not feel like commenting, you can still 'like' the page of any future episode. I'm also looking around to see what else I might integrate into the site - although my web-prgramming knowledge is very basic, so there might not be much else I can do. I'm also considering setting up a Quackers Wiki sometime in the future, so I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on that. After all, the comic has been going for six/seven years now and there's plenty of history, characters and things that might benefit from some expanded references.

In the meantime enjoy the latest episode and feel free to comment on it (hint, hint). Quackers will be back again in the next week or so with some more summertime fun, and a little revelation about the evolutionary past the Quackers world!

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