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Evolutionary Explanation

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18-08-12: Evolutionary Explanation

Ugh! You know what, I had absolutely no idea that this episode was going to be such a pain to do. For a strip that was only going to take me a week to do I feel like I've spent half my life on it. No matter what I tried I just couldn't get any of the characters to look right. It was as if I'd some how forgotten how to draw everyone I've been drawing for the last decade! If you've been frustrated waiting for this update, then believe me it's nothing compaired to the frustrations I've had making it.
Anyway, now that it is up you all get to see a little something about how the world of Quackers developed. Evolution there got distracted by something shiny and rather than just one species developing sapience and culture, numerous species did. This what lead to the Quackersverse being filled by so many diverse creatures. Of course this all means just one thing. I've put far too much thought into this comic...

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