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The Doorway to Fitness

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04-01-17: The Doorway to Fitness

Welcome to the first Quackers strip of 2017! Although technically I did actually complete this strip back in September 2016 when I was first gearing up to get the website up and running again, so... But that should at least explain why our protagonists are wearing very little winter clothing and the background trees are still leafy. Still, given the odd weather patterns we've had around here lately, who'd know any different?
Do our heroes manage to get into the gym? Will they go more than five minutes before Jason is kicked out again? Will Tom ever manage to get Jason to enjoy any form of exercise? Find out by coming back for the upcoming episodes!

Want to see what happened to the guys the first time they tried hitting the gym? Then follow this link to see the start of their fitness journey. Alternatively head to the 2011 archives and browse through their gym adventures from there.

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