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Be Careful How You Tread(mill)

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11-01-17: Be Careful How You Tread(mill)

Here we are again - in the midst of real-life gale force winds battering everything outside. So why not stay safe indoors and join us with some more gym-based shenanigans. Will Jason ever find a workout that suits him? Only time will tell. Enjoy the strip, and excuse me for now while I go investigate how much of the roof was ripped off by the wind just now...

In other Quackers news a secret little project I'm working on is getting closer to completion. Hopfully I should have more on that by next week, but if you would like a peek at what we're up to here you can check it out on our Instagram feed here: Sneak peek 1
Here: Sneak peek 2
And here: Sneak peek 3
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