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Roped Into Exercise

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18-01-17: Roped Into Exercise

Exercising is tough at the best of times, but nothing beats the TRX for making you question whether it's an exercise apparatus, or just a way to make gym users look goofier than usual. Jason, obviously, has to one up everyone in that regard.
So, the house survived the howling winds of last week. But this week I have the fun of trying to get my car suspension repaired. At least I'm assuming having it sticking out and smacking into the car bonnet it's a standard feature. Waiting for it to be repaired will give me some much-needed exercise as I walk everywhere though.

Work is still progressing on the other Quackers project I mentioned last time. Not a lot to update on that at the moment as I discovered a slight problem in the designs I had, but I think I have a fix and should be back on track again soon. Check back again next week, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter to find out more.

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