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Crushing at the Gym

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25-01-17: Crushing at the Gym

You have to admit that no matter how much Jason may struggle at the gym, he certainly is persistant. Question is, will he be able to stick with this punishing regime?

I'd just like to say a big thank you to all the people who have been posting likes and who have started following me on Instagram in the last week or two. It's a big boost to know that what I'm doing isn't just to a blank wall. I'm going to be posting something there at least once a day from now on that's Quackers related. If you've not already seen what we do there, check us out! There's usually some little sneak peek at upcoming stuff I'm working on. There's also extra art and photography related things that I post there too. So, enjoy the rest of your week, remember to rest, stay hydrated and keep on crushing!

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