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A Cracking Start to the Day

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08-02-17: A Cracking Start to the Day

Welcome to the start of the second storyline of 2017! As if Jason needed any more excuses for not liking exercise, now he does at least have a good one. Next week will see the duo heading off to fix our poor broken duck, and an old, long-forgotten character may just well be popping back up shortly...

Currently I'm hard at work on the next couple of strips while trying to organise my workflow and my main job to make things a little easier here. I have however had to delay the start of a couple of Quackers-related things that I'd previously been working on. I'm now looking to announce those around April. More information about this stuff will appear closer to the time. Meanwhile if you like the comic I would just like to ask that you share the site with others and let them know about us. The more readers the better it is for us here and the more justification we have to carry on with the things that we have planned! A Big thank you to those of you who do read this comic on a regular basis, and for those who follow us on social media (you can find the links to those accounts here).
And don't forget that if you have any thoughts on anything to do with the comic, feel free to put them in the comments below each of the strips. It'd be great to build a community of Quackers fans, but even if you have a critique or just want to say hi you can jot it down below.

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