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Unergonomic Seating

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01-03-17: Unergonomic Seating

And so finally our two protagonists get a glimpse of Dr Quackman. Only a glimpse, mind, as you'll all have to wait until the next episode to see if he'll actually be able to help our hapless feathery friend, Jason.

I had fun making this strip. Took some time to work on different camera angles and poses, something I really need to do more of not just in this comic but in all my art. This is also the telling of a joke that I realised too late should have been in the strip that aired a couple of weeks ago when Tom first arrived with Jason at the clinic. Nevertheless I don't think it did too badly here, and I'll do anything to wring every last drop out of a lame joke!
Tune in next week to see what pearls of wisdom the illustrious Dr Quackman will be able to bestow...

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