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Just A Subtle Scan

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22-03-17: Just A Subtle Scan

The finalised version of the strip is now live! I put a little extra work into this one as a bit of a thanks for understanding the delay. As well as a couple of refining tweaks like dialogue and fixing some of the off-model characters (which calmed my brain a bit), I also put in a tonne of extra work for some of the effects. I hope that the extra effort shows and that the strip was worth the slight delay. This episode was a biggy and sometimes my imagination outreaches the scope of real life. I hope you'll all come back again next week, and thanks again for taking the time to read this comic in the first place!

Phew! That one took a lot of hard work to get out! It was one of the longest, and toughest strips I've ever done. Unsurprisingly I had a 'Bad Art' week at the same time as creating this strip where any semblance of artistic ability seemed to have left me. I'm not sure I got any of the cast on model outside of one panel! Nevertheless, the story gets to continue (if a couple of hours later than normal) and Jason finally gets a name to put to his condition.

The version of the strip I have up at the moment is a bare-bones one. There is a lot more I need to do to bring it up to a 'completed' version (including a couple of error fixes). The proper version will be up later, so stay tuned to the Instagram or Twitter accounts to see when it goes up.

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