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Roadwork Critters

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28-06-17: Roadwork Critters

And that's why you see roadworks popping up all over the place without warning. It's probably also the reason you never see anyone working around those sites...

I had put off drawing this one for a while, despite really wanting to get it out there. I know that there'd be a lot of fiddly details to draw, and many instances of a car. And I'm not good at drawing vehicles, so I knew it would be a challenge. Despite all that I had fun creating this one. The roadwork monsters were great to design and draw! Over all I'm pretty proud of this one, and think it's one of the better strips I've done. I'm certainly looking forward to some of the things I have planned in the near future, even though there'll be many more times I'll have to draw that car of Tom's...

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