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Shopping Shenanigans

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20-07-17: Shopping Shenanigans

Don't you just hate having to spend half your shopping trip just hunting down that one thing you need that is no longer in the logical place it used to be in? Bonus Internet points for recognising the film reference without being told.

I do apologise for the late delivery of this week's comic (no, I wasn't lost in the supermarket). Unfortunately technical issues and real life got in the way, as they do. However, after a lot of hard work and much fiddling about we finally managed to post. The main thing to take away from all this is to never be complacent with saving and backing up your work. The other take away is that labyrinths are fun, but hard to draw.
Oh, and we get to see Greg for the first time in ages! Catch up on some of his best moments here, here, and here.

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