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HAPPY 2020!

Happy 2020

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01-01-20: Happy 2020

Happy New Year, everybody!

I'd just like to take this chance to say thank you to everyone who has been following this comic over the last year, and especially to those who have kept coming back throughout the decade - even with the extended hiatus in the middle! Your support means a lot and I'm glad that this comic can continue to entertain. In the last year we've surpassed 500 episodes! That's a major achievement, and I hope to be able to make another 500 in the future. We've also seen a few tweaks to the art work, which I hope have made the comic look nicer and more professional. This year also saw some of the largest episodes I've ever written and drawn! Although this has caused problems with delays and work conflicts. I'm grateful for you sticking with us through all of that.
Looking forward, I hope that we can continue to grow, and that more people might join up to our Patreon. If that should happen I'd be able to spend more time working on this and my other art, meaning more entertainment for you all! I'm also going to try especially hard to come up with workable timeframes for things that allow me to create, while also looking after myself and not falling behind all the time.
So, here's to 2020, a new decade, and a whole slew of possibilities!

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