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Smooth Running

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22-04-10: Smooth Running

And so this week sees the end of the dishwasher experiments, brought to you by Jason-Tech, the technology you can trust (to not work right).
As a result of some of the things going on over the last couple of weeks - not to mention the multiple updates I've made here since the interruptions in our service got cleared up - I've come to realise that I'm pretty overdue for a break. What I'd hoped to do was to get ahead of myself and produce enough strips to be able to keep posting while I took a week off. But despite starting off that way, things have gone inevitably awry, and that is now no longer possible. So what that now means is that next week Quackers shall be on hiatus and the next comic update will be on 6th May.
In the meantime I shall be taking it somewhat easy, planning upcoming strips and storylines, and sorting out some things in my life that I really need to work on. I shall be looking to post some sketches and possibly some concept art up here during the hiatus, so keep checking the rss feed and the blog for updates. Also don't forget there's the Quackers Facebook Fanclub where more sketches and random art can be seen. When we return properly in a couple of weeks it will be with the start of a new chapter in the Quackers role playing game as the gang find themselves in a new city! So, now might be a good time to go back into the archives and read through some of the previous entries (here, here, and here) to refresh yourselves on the story :D

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