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After a delay of several days we can fianlly reveal this week's comic! Many things worked against getting this one finished on time, from being a longer comic, featuring many more fiddly details than normal, and just having far less time available to work on it. I'll still be working to get the next episode out at the usual time next Wednesday, so all being well we should be back on schedule by then.

Delay Announcement

Just a head's up that this week's comic is going to be posted late this week. It turned out to be longer than expected with many more details that are taking time to ink and colour. I'll still aim to get it up today (6th April), but be aware it may slip into tomorrow due to work constraints.

Keep an eye on my social media to find out more. Twitter is where you'll get the most up to date info!


Be sure to check back on Sunday 31st for the nail-biting*, action-packed*, and thrilling* conclusion to this year's Halloween Special!

(*Disclaimer: The finale is not guaranteed to contain high levels of nail biting, action, or thrills. Seek your doctor's advice before consuming this content.)

Recent Site Outage

Anyone visiting over the last several days may have noticed the site was down. This was due to an issue with my domain renewal and has now been resolved, as you can see. The site should remain active and accessible from now on. Sorry for any inconvenience, folks!

Possible comic delay

There may be a delay on the posting of this week's comic to the site. I'm having an upgrade to my internet this week that just happens to coincide with Quackers' release day. It's possible I may be offline for the whole day, in which case I'll be posting the latest episode early on Thursday. Best case, the downtime is limited and I'm able to post late in the day Wednesday.
Sign up to the RSS feed in order to know when the comic updates, or check out our Instagram or Twitter accounts as I'll still be able to post there, albeit late in the day.


Due to this week's comic growing larger than expected and with a new work schedule I'm still struggling with this week's comic will be delayed a little. Hopefully I should be able to release it sometime later today. However it's looking more likely it'll be early Thursday. Apologies for this, but working twelve hour shifts after coming back off furlough is really messing with my schedule!


Just a quick heads-up that this weeks episode will be delayed by a day, like last week. Unfortunately some rewrites, work and other things slowed me down. However this is a long and very wordy episode, so I think it's worth the wait.
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---- EDIT ----
The fully coloured strip is now up! Sorry for the delay. I've reaslised that I've been getting close to having burnout from essentially working two full-time jobs, and I'm in need of a break. While this won't affect Quackers (we'll still be updating as normal next week), it does mean any of you who follow my art posts on social media will see fewer things going up over the next week while I recuperate.

This week's episode has been taking forever for me to do, so I'm releasing the line art version for now, and I'll be updating with the coloured version as soon as it's done. Check our social media, subscribe to the rss feed, or our Patreon to find out when it's done!

Brief Delay

Due to some personal issues over the last couple of days Quackers will not be updating today. This will be just a short delay however and the latest strip will post tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.


Our Patreon is now up to 30% of the way to it's first financial goal! If we hit and maintain this goal for a full year, it'll essentially cover the costs of running this website. Thank you so much for those who have pledged their hard-earned money to enable me to keep making these silly comics. And please, if you enjoy Quackers and can spare as little as $1 - or if you know someone else who might - go check out our Patreon page: patreon.com/digitalquack. Not only will you get high res versions of Quackers and other art, but you can get access to breakdowns of how the art is put together, layered files with commentary of my process, timelapses, and more!


How much more chaos can Jason cause within the gym? You'll have to come back next week to find out.
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Due to the unavoidable problem of having picked up a nasty dose of flu over the weekend (one very much like that which Jason had a couple of weeks ago, minus the vegetables), there will be no new Quackers this week. We sincerely apologise for this and hope to be back on track for next week's update.
OK, now it's back to bed to watch the ceiling spin around and attempting not to cough up a lung or spleen.


Unfortunately there's a slight delay to this week's Quackers getting published. It's another biggy and it took a little longer to get finished than anticipated. But I had to blast off to work before I could upload and update the site, so the newest episode will release tomorrow instead. Sorry for the delay guys, but it should be worth it!


We're two days late on finishing our Halloween Special, but here it is in all it's spectacular glory! It has to be one of - if not the longest Quackers episode ever, and we went all out as well. I hope the extra time it took to get this finalé to our story out to you was worth the wait and that you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed making it (in spite of how much hard work it was). We'll see you again next week for another - much shorter - episode... And Happy (belated) Halloween!


--- EDIT --- While I wasn't able to finish and upload the finalé to our Halloween story on time due to unavoidable work commitments, I couldn't let Halloween slip by without posting something to celebrate the day. So here's a quick sketch to tide everyone over until tomorrow when our current story comes to a close!

----- The last part of our Halloween story will be up later today. It's a big one, and taking longer than anticipated to finish. Apologies to you all! Stay tuned for the update tonight.

Slight Delay

The latest strip will still be arriving today, but will be significantly delayed. I damaged a tendon in my hand yesterday and drawing for any length of time is causing pain, not to mention cramping my hand up, so it's slowing things down as you would expect. There's no reason the comic won't go up today, I just have to take my time over it.
Thank you all for your continued patience with the updates schedule and stay tuned to our social media and this site's rss feed to know when the next episode goes live.


--- EDIT ---
After a long and busy day yesterday I'm finally caught up, so here is the completed and coloured strip!

Due to some rewrites I didn't have quite enough time to finish this before I needed to post it, so here's a black and white version to be going on with. The full colour strip will be up later today/tomorrow. Keep an eye on our social media to know when it goes live!


And so we come to the conclusion of this story. Don't worry, Scruffy didn't rough up the salesbird too badly...
Things should be getting back to normal around here from now on, so the major delays and upsets to the update schedule shouldn't happen again (at least not for a long while). Thanks again for bearing with me through all of this and I look forward to entertaining you all with many more (promtly delivered) stories in the future!


I'm finally starting to get caught up after all the delays we've faced around here. And so I can now present to you all the strip which should have gone up last week. The final episode of this storyline will be going up within the next two days, then after that there will be a one week hiatus while I take a holiday, plan the ongoing schedule of Quackers and maybe start to work toward getting a buffer so delays like the last couple of weeks will be less likely. Thanks again for sticking with us through all this!

Delays, delays, delays!

So, this is just an update on what's been happening this week to cause the comic not to update. Unfortunately a combination of work, technical, and life issues all kind of imploded on me within the last week. I had to spend a lot of time over the last two weeks in my main job (the one I actually get paid to do). This happened to coincide with an overly ambitious storyline in Quackers with strips being roughly twice the usual length - originally three times longer before I sliced it into smaller segments! This left me with a very small window to complete the strips, which I just couldn't manage to do. And to add the finishing touches roadworks outside the house cut off all power without warning meaning I not only lost a chunk of work, but power was off for so long I couldn't continue on the latest strip before the weekend.
So what does this mean? It means I've had to forego posting a strip this week, which I'm very sorry for. However I am going to attempt to post twice this week as I have more free time again and I'd like to wrap this storyline up without many more delays (also these last two episodes will actually flow better when read without a week's break in between - silver linings, eh?). And while I will always try my hardest to post new content weekly, my paying job will unfortunately always take precedence as I do need money for food and things. I have plans for the future with regards to this, but I have nothing to announce about that at the moment. For now I'll just promise to continue trying to keep up with the normal release schedule.
I'd like to thank you all for your patience and understanding and know that I fully intend to keep on updating Quackers regardless of hiccups like this. There is still potentially years and years worth of material I can make for this comic and these characters and I really don't want to abandon what has become a large part of my life over the years. I hope you all keep returning and enjoying the comic.
Thank you!


And so we can finally post this episode of Quackers! As you can see it's one of the longest strips I've done in a very long time (if not ever). It's pretty much been the equivilant of trying to produce two strips in the same amount of time as one. As such I should have known better than to expect to get it done in time, but you live and learn. Although not so much as I'll be trying the same again next week! Hopefully with quicker results. Expect the next episode to be later than the usual Wednesday upload date, but it shouldn't be as late as this one (I'm keeping my fingers crossed).


Just a head's up about what is going on with the comic at the moment:
As mentioned in the previous post, we have suffered a big delay this week. Work, life, and the large size of the strip have meant that production and posting of the strip has been going a lot slower than I would have hoped. I'm going to be working dilligently to try and get the strip up by tomorrow (Sunday 15th July). Unfortunately these things sometimes happen, and while I dislike it I've got bills to pay and other things that can take my focus away. The next couple of strip will also be long ones with potential delays, so be aware of that. After the current story is complete I shall then be taking a week off from Quackers to help avoid burn out and plan more upcoming content.
Apologies again for all the disruption to the posting schedule lately, but we should hopefully be back on track again soon. Thanks again for all your patience and support in reading the comic.


A bit of a delay on this week's strip resulting from a thankfully short-lived migraine as well as some other issues. I'm going to be going through some training for my job in the next couple of weeks which also may lead to some other small delays in the upcoming strips - especially as they're pretty long ones. I shall endeavour to get them posted as close to the usual Wednesday update as I can though! Thanks in advance for your patience!


-- EDIT --
The final full-colour version of this week's strip is now up! Sorry for the delay, folks, hope it was worth the wait!

Hey guys, due to work I've yet again not had a chance to finish off the strip fully before posting it. The full colour version should be up later today. Check out our social media accounts or the RSS feed to know when it goes live!


--- EDIT ---
This week's episode is now live and in full colour. Sorry for the delay folks, but unfortunately long strips and 'real' jobs do tend to get in the way occasionally!

This week's episode is a long one, and as such I ran out of time to colour it. For now, enjoy this lineart only edition. The colourised version will be released later today (tomorrow at the latest). Check out our various social media accounts, or RSS feed to be informed of when this update goes live!


I made this strip purely so I could use that 'buns of steel' joke. I make absolutely no apologies for that.

RSS Feed Weirdness

Just a quick apology to anyone who has been experiencing weird happenings with the RSS feed lately. I noticed that it doesn't seem to have updated in a couple of weeks. While attempting to fix it things might have gotten a little screwy, and I'm sorry for anyone getting spammed by feed updates. Things seem to be working now and hopefully all is fixed (even though I'm not entirely sure what was causing the issues). I shall be keeping a close eye on it, just in case, however...


Jason does have a tendancy to get philosophical before his morning cuppa. And who among us hasn't?

"The Universe is a yawning casm, filled with emptiness and the purile meanderings of sentients."
- Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, Gamecube.


-- EDIT --
The final full-colour version of this week's strip is now up! Sorry for the delay, folks.

Work commitments mean that I didn't quite get a chance to colour this episode in time for posting. Check back later today to see the full colour version.


No word of a lie, this is all weather than we've been through within the last three weeks alone. English weather really needs to figure out what it wants to do.


To all our fans out there we'd like to wish you all a very happy holiday season. No matter what you do or who you're with, we hope you make the most of it.
And for those paying attention, a couple of cameos of characters introduced this year are in the picture.
(HINT: It's the Octobox octopus - which I think Jason is re-gifting, and Ben's old room-mate)

We'll be taking the week off this week, so there won't be an additional comic posted on Wednesday as there usually is. This is to allow time to enjoy the holiday and also catch up on things (as well as plan new stories) that will keep us going through 2018!
There will be another comic on the 1st of January, so keep your eyes peeled for that one. Also I'll still be posting content to Instagram through this week, so head to my account there if you want to see more content!


A short and sweet one this week as I've been feeling under the weather and needed to rest up a bit. This was a bit of a last minute switch from what was planned as my head's not been in the game this week. Next week will hopefully be a little more on par, although I did have fun drawing the frost covered leaves in the second panel!
See you all next week!


After many trials and tribulations dealing with Microsoft's latest update to Windows 10, I finally have my computer running as it should again (a lot of stuff was borked for a while). Thankfully everything seems to be ok now and I can at last post whis week's Quackers! With time running out and Jason getting more and more wolf-like as the night goes on, can Tom make his newly discovered cure in time? Tune in next week and find out in the finale to our wereduck saga!


-- EDIT --
The final full-colour version of this week's strip is now up! Sorry for the delay, folks.

A quick temporary update for the minute. Fallen a little behind due to some doctor's appointments, picking up prescriptions, and other things, but felt I should at least post the lineart for this week's strip until I can get the colours finished. Look out for the complete update later today!


Apologies for the delay this week folks! Events this week left me a little behind and despite desperately struggling to finish this strip yesterday, I just couldn't get it done in time. Hoewever, I got it ready by the wee small hours of this morning, so enjoy Part Two of the Quackers Werewolf saga!

And remember kids, beware the adorably fluffy puppy you've seen around the neighbourhood lately. You may end up with more than just a licked face.


Welcome to the first part of this year's Halloween special! Will Jason ever be cured of his lycanthropy? Will he ever know what lycanthropy means? Will Tom mind sharing a house with a wolf who quacks? Find out throughout the rest of this month!


Sorry this is a day late. I got a little delayed due to not only some pretty bad art blocks, but with car troubles of my own, ironically enough. I think I may have angered the gods of automobiles or something as one repair to my car ended up spiralling out to several repairs costing a month's wage. I may have to create an alter out of the spare wheel and toolboxes and pray for redemption.
Anyhow, I hope I made up for it somewhat by putting extra effort into the look of this episode. Tune in again next Wednesday for the epilogue to this storyline (I promise to be on time for once!).


It may have helped if the car was powered by the mighty rubber band! For those of you who are unaware, or have forgotten about Jason's dabbling with temporal mechanics and Time machines, you can read that storyline here: Latest Invention - 10-04-2007.
Marvel at Jason's mastery of quantum theory. Be enthralled as we discover the origins of Scruffy. And then stare in bewilderment at the half-baked art and lacklustre character design (while wondering what kind of bizarre evolution is going on when matching the characters to their modern day look).


At last, our heroes make it out of the supermarket and onto freedom! Well, most of them at any rate. Apologies again for the delay in posting this strip. Unfortunately sometimes my job gets in the way of me finishing these things on time, not to mention the art block I've been sufferring from this week (my recent drawings have been terrible!). Tune in again next week to see what new adventure awaits...


As you see, our heroes are still stuck in the supermarket. Luckily it sells almost anything you could want (and plenty of things you don't want), so no matter how long they're in there they can get by. Of a more puzzling nature is just who is the supplier for this supermarket? And how many employees do they lose on a weekly basis when they can't find their way back to the staff room?


What, you thought that last week's strip was just a one-off? You should all know better by know tht if we have the chance to run a joke into the ground then we certainly shall! Will Jason, Tom, and Greg ever make it out of the supermarket? Will they ever get all the shopping they need? Will the audience even care? Find out next week...


Don't you just hate having to spend half your shopping trip just hunting down that one thing you need that is no longer in the logical place it used to be in? Bonus Internet points for recognising the film reference without being told.

I do apologise for the late delivery of this week's comic (no, I wasn't lost in the supermarket). Unfortunately technical issues and real life got in the way, as they do. However, after a lot of hard work and much fiddling about we finally managed to post. The main thing to take away from all this is to never be complacent with saving and backing up your work. The other take away is that labyrinths are fun, but hard to draw.
Oh, and we get to see Greg for the first time in ages! Catch up on some of his best moments here, here, and here.


Proof - if ever any were needed - that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Yes, that spider living in your house might seem like some eight-legged horror that could descend on you at any moment, but to him you might just be that one house-mate they've always been looking for!


And that's why you see roadworks popping up all over the place without warning. It's probably also the reason you never see anyone working around those sites...

I had put off drawing this one for a while, despite really wanting to get it out there. I know that there'd be a lot of fiddly details to draw, and many instances of a car. And I'm not good at drawing vehicles, so I knew it would be a challenge. Despite all that I had fun creating this one. The roadwork monsters were great to design and draw! Over all I'm pretty proud of this one, and think it's one of the better strips I've done. I'm certainly looking forward to some of the things I have planned in the near future, even though there'll be many more times I'll have to draw that car of Tom's...


Some of us just can't start the day and get to work until we've had that first caffeine boost. Some of us just need a little more than others is all.


...Of course, if Scruffy is smart enough to read the paper, it shouldn't prove much of a challenge for him to work out what you've just spelled out in front of him. But never let it be said that we let little things like logic get in the way of a good joke here at Quackers!


And here is the finalised version! It was taking longer than expected to finish, so decided to take extra time and make it extra shiny. Hope you all enjoy, and again, thank you for being patient.

Due to family commitments this week's strip will be slightly delayed. I should still have the finished thing up some time today, but for now here is a black and white lineart version for you all to enjoy in the meantime. News of the full-colour version going live will be posted on here, via RSS, and on all our social media accounts. Thanks for your patience.


No wonder it was on sale. Always be careful what you buy from shopping channels or those dodgy third-party seller websites... Remember to only buy your Octoboxes from authorised sellers! In the meantime Jason will hopefully have Tom rescued by this time next week.


After the terror of dinner must come the dread of dessert. Tom means well, but it might just be time for him to accept his cooking may not be up to par. Not to worry, the house should be cleaned up in time for the next episode. Join us again next Wednesday for more adventures.


Try as he might, there's no way that Jason can stall trying Tom's meal for long. No I have no idea how the same meal can degenerate into two different states, but with Tom's cooking no amount of research could probably solve that mystery.
To find out how this meal-time continues to go, tune in again next Wednesday!


It's Tom's turn in the kitchen this week. How will his culinary efforts fair? Find out more in the next couple of weeks. And if you'd like to know how well Tom's cooking has gone down in the past, then check out his previous efforts starting here (1st July 2008).


Tom faces up to his fears in this week's episode!
This turned out to be another unexpectedly long strip which took longer than planned to complete. I do apologise for the slight delay, but that's what happens when my main job takes priority (I do need to eat after all). Tune in again next week for something a little more short-form I think!


This week sees more problems caused by digit defficiency. Chopsticks can be hard to use for many, but none more-so than those with hooves. And while Tom normally goes about with a reasonably calm (or at least restrained) demeanor, this seems to be one of those issues that just hits the right button to set him off...
Check back again next week to see what results from Tom's little breakdown.

Have anything to say about this, or any of the other strips? Do you wish to debate the merits of hooves? Would you like to argue that ducks don't have fingers either? Whatever you'd like to talk about you can do so on our Disqus comment threads below, or at Disqus.com.


It doesn't come up often, but anatomical differences in the Quackers Universe can sometimes be a source of contention.
I often find that no matter the scope and scale of the cartoon universe you see, little thought is paid to how the characters ended up the way they did in the broader scale of things. Not so with Quackers! Indeed, much thought has gone into how the animals of this world - not to mention their human counterparts - have evolved, adapted, and otherwise managed to cope in their day-to-day lives. Some fair better than others, but ultimately most get by OK, despite the occassional hiccup. A lack of thumbs, or even a full set of digits, isn't the setback that it once was. (You know, I have way too much time to think about these things...)


Just a quick one-off this week. As usual, Jason mixes a little real life and gaming, but with unexpected results. Never let it be said that the gamification of life is entirely a good thing.
Stop by again next week for more random adventures!


And so we bring our protagonist's back problems to a close. Next week will be a new month, and with it a new story. Thanks for sticking with us through this rather long story. It's one I've been planning to do for a long time, and while things have altered a lot in the production of it, I'm glad to have it out of my system (in a good way).
Join us again next week for some fresh shenanigans!


The finalised version of the strip is now live! I put a little extra work into this one as a bit of a thanks for understanding the delay. As well as a couple of refining tweaks like dialogue and fixing some of the off-model characters (which calmed my brain a bit), I also put in a tonne of extra work for some of the effects. I hope that the extra effort shows and that the strip was worth the slight delay. This episode was a biggy and sometimes my imagination outreaches the scope of real life. I hope you'll all come back again next week, and thanks again for taking the time to read this comic in the first place!

Phew! That one took a lot of hard work to get out! It was one of the longest, and toughest strips I've ever done. Unsurprisingly I had a 'Bad Art' week at the same time as creating this strip where any semblance of artistic ability seemed to have left me. I'm not sure I got any of the cast on model outside of one panel! Nevertheless, the story gets to continue (if a couple of hours later than normal) and Jason finally gets a name to put to his condition.

The version of the strip I have up at the moment is a bare-bones one. There is a lot more I need to do to bring it up to a 'completed' version (including a couple of error fixes). The proper version will be up later, so stay tuned to the Instagram or Twitter accounts to see when it goes up.

Thank you!

To celebrate the fact that our Instagram account has gained over 100 followers (and as a little bit of fun on my birthday) I'm posting a 'thank you' picture. It features Jason, Tom and a couple of characters that have helped boost the account's popularity: Business Croc and Selfie Shark. See the picture in all it's high-res glory here, and go see what all the fuss is about on the instagram account here!

Thanks again, everyone!


And so poor Jason continues to suffer. When I started this storyline I didn't realise that it would end up running to quite to many episodes, but sometimes art just runs off with you like that. I do feel kind of guilty as it means Jason will still be stuck like that for a little while longer... Sorry, pal.


It's a quick-fire round of jokes in this week's episode. And we finally get to see Dr Quackman properly for the first time since 2007! (has it really been so long?) He's been through a bit of a design change since then, but so have the rest of the cast in that time. He now looks less like a clone of Jason and more like his own individual duck. And no, that's not a wig he's wearing, they're his own feathers (although that may be a dye job...)

Come back again next week to see if Jason will ever get the help he so desperately wants, or will he have to endure more ridicule? I'm betting on the latter.


And so finally our two protagonists get a glimpse of Dr Quackman. Only a glimpse, mind, as you'll all have to wait until the next episode to see if he'll actually be able to help our hapless feathery friend, Jason.

I had fun making this strip. Took some time to work on different camera angles and poses, something I really need to do more of not just in this comic but in all my art. This is also the telling of a joke that I realised too late should have been in the strip that aired a couple of weeks ago when Tom first arrived with Jason at the clinic. Nevertheless I don't think it did too badly here, and I'll do anything to wring every last drop out of a lame joke!
Tune in next week to see what pearls of wisdom the illustrious Dr Quackman will be able to bestow...


Boy, was that a hard episode to get out! I did enjoy the character design and colouring though, and I hope that shows through. This was also a kind of extra strip to the ongoing story, so it took a bit of figuring out to get the pacing. Take a look at our Instagram account to see some of the outtakes and works in progress that'll be appearing through the week.

Check in again next week when we finally get to see Dr Quackman once again and see if Jason can ever be healed...


And so we find ourselves in the offices of one rather familiar sounding doctor... Things can only get better from here, right? Well looking back through the archives at Jason's previous visits might prove otherwise...

It wasn't until the last minute that I realised the joke (or in this case series of visual jokes) that should have been in this strip. So instead look forward to seeing those in the next episode as I hasten to make up for my missed opportunity!


Welcome to the start of the second storyline of 2017! As if Jason needed any more excuses for not liking exercise, now he does at least have a good one. Next week will see the duo heading off to fix our poor broken duck, and an old, long-forgotten character may just well be popping back up shortly...

Currently I'm hard at work on the next couple of strips while trying to organise my workflow and my main job to make things a little easier here. I have however had to delay the start of a couple of Quackers-related things that I'd previously been working on. I'm now looking to announce those around April. More information about this stuff will appear closer to the time. Meanwhile if you like the comic I would just like to ask that you share the site with others and let them know about us. The more readers the better it is for us here and the more justification we have to carry on with the things that we have planned! A Big thank you to those of you who do read this comic on a regular basis, and for those who follow us on social media (you can find the links to those accounts here).
And don't forget that if you have any thoughts on anything to do with the comic, feel free to put them in the comments below each of the strips. It'd be great to build a community of Quackers fans, but even if you have a critique or just want to say hi you can jot it down below.


And so we come to the end of this storyline. And none of it is anecdotal or has ever happened to me or anything honest... Next week we begin a new story, and bring back a character we haven't seen in a very long time. Who is it? Find out in the next episode, or follow our instagram account to get a sneaky preview later this week!

I'd just like to take the opportunity to thank all those people who have begun following and posting likes on our Instagram account. The support is very welcome and we hope the comic continues to entertain all our past, present, and future viewers for many more years. Click HERE for a special bonus pic as a token of our thanks!


You have to admit that no matter how much Jason may struggle at the gym, he certainly is persistant. Question is, will he be able to stick with this punishing regime?

I'd just like to say a big thank you to all the people who have been posting likes and who have started following me on Instagram in the last week or two. It's a big boost to know that what I'm doing isn't just to a blank wall. I'm going to be posting something there at least once a day from now on that's Quackers related. If you've not already seen what we do there, check us out! There's usually some little sneak peek at upcoming stuff I'm working on. There's also extra art and photography related things that I post there too. So, enjoy the rest of your week, remember to rest, stay hydrated and keep on crushing!


Exercising is tough at the best of times, but nothing beats the TRX for making you question whether it's an exercise apparatus, or just a way to make gym users look goofier than usual. Jason, obviously, has to one up everyone in that regard.
So, the house survived the howling winds of last week. But this week I have the fun of trying to get my car suspension repaired. At least I'm assuming having it sticking out and smacking into the car bonnet it's a standard feature. Waiting for it to be repaired will give me some much-needed exercise as I walk everywhere though.

Work is still progressing on the other Quackers project I mentioned last time. Not a lot to update on that at the moment as I discovered a slight problem in the designs I had, but I think I have a fix and should be back on track again soon. Check back again next week, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter to find out more.


Here we are again - in the midst of real-life gale force winds battering everything outside. So why not stay safe indoors and join us with some more gym-based shenanigans. Will Jason ever find a workout that suits him? Only time will tell. Enjoy the strip, and excuse me for now while I go investigate how much of the roof was ripped off by the wind just now...

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Welcome to the first Quackers strip of 2017! Although technically I did actually complete this strip back in September 2016 when I was first gearing up to get the website up and running again, so... But that should at least explain why our protagonists are wearing very little winter clothing and the background trees are still leafy. Still, given the odd weather patterns we've had around here lately, who'd know any different?
Do our heroes manage to get into the gym? Will they go more than five minutes before Jason is kicked out again? Will Tom ever manage to get Jason to enjoy any form of exercise? Find out by coming back for the upcoming episodes!

Want to see what happened to the guys the first time they tried hitting the gym? Then follow this link to see the start of their fitness journey. Alternatively head to the 2011 archives and browse through their gym adventures from there.


Admit it, we've all had that moment when you had to decide whether to actually use that milk that's ever-so-slightly past the use-by-date; especially in the holidays when the shops are closed.
So, this is the last strip before the end of the year. But don't worry, there's more to come in the new year, along with a few announcements I hope to make regarding other Quackers related things. Keep coming back every Wednesday to see what we have in store!


Happy holidays, everyone! Regardless of how you celebrate, what you celebrate, whether you're relaxing or working, we here at Quackers hope you have a good weekend.
Credit for the 'quacking holiday' line goes to my workmate Dom, who insisted that I include such a joke. Congratulations, Dom, you're a writer now!

Be sure to head back this way again Wednesday for the latest strip and see what Jason gets up to before the new year.


Here we are again with another holiday-themed strip. I enjoyed working on this one, despite the time it took to draw and colour. I also had to dip in and redo a couple of little snafus I'd noticed just as I was about to post! Nothing major, but a certain bit of background perspective would have forever bothered me otherwise. I'll also be glad if I don't have to draw another pine tree for a while. It takes forever to draw all those little fiddly bits!
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I think it's safe to do a Christmas themed strip now as there's only a couple of weeks to go until the 25th... I've actually been waiting to release this strip for a very long time. Now that we're back online again I can finally show it to you all! I hope you all enjoy it. And don't forget, we'll be updating every Wednesday, so head back here again next week for more Christmas shenanigans. Remember that you can keep up with everything going on with the site by subscribing to our RSS feed, you can comment on this strip below, and you can follow along with other Quackers related things at Instagram or Twitter.


After many a long year (a little over four in fact) Quackers is finally back on the internet and lurking around the dusty dark corners of your web browser. Things may look a little different around here (for those that have memories that stretch back far enough to remember the site before). However we've got lots of plans for the comic and the site, and so there will be many more changes and additions both visible and behind the scenes, beginning in the new year!
So, for those of you who are new to Quackers, you can read up a little on the comic and it's characters in the 'Welcome' page.
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