About Quackers!

Quackers is a comic about the adventures (and misadventures) of one duck and his many friends. Their lives are filled with a mixture of films, video games, fantasy role-playing games, futuristic space adventures, time machines, and pirates. Itís just the average routine of a group of un-average animals.

The Cast


Hatched and raised in the North of England, Jason is a likable duck with many eccentricities. Despite lacking a formal higher education Jason is quite clever. However he does insist on putting his own unique spin on things. This means mostly utilising his talents to further his outlandish schemes for fun and adventure (such as building a working time machine, for example).


Jason's friend and long-suffering house-mate. Tom is a moose who is quite level-headed most of the time. He often finds himself exasperated with Jason, but has lived with the duck long enough that he has grown pretty well accustomed to the sometimes bizarre occurences that surround their lives. So much so that Tom has been known to come up with plans and schemes almost as bizarre and reckless as Jason.
After a mishap with Jason's Time Machine, Tom became the owner of a small pet dinosaur named ĎScruffyí.


A small dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period of History. Scruffy was found by Tom and Jason when they accidentally found themselves way in the past after using Jasonís temperamental time machine. Scruffy became very attached to Tom, who fought to bring him back to the present day, where Scruffy now lives quite happily as Tom's much-loved pet.
Despite the usual demeanour of playful pet, Scruffy is a smart dinosaur who can perform all manner of tricks... for the right person. Jason is not one of these people, much to his annoyance.


A friend of Jason, Toby is a small raccoon who befriended him after meeting in a book club... A club that was soon disbanded after Jason instigated an incident involving the destruction and/or ruining of one meeting area, two couches, twenty copies of the Book of the Week, and an ill-fitting wig.
Toby is a quiet person, rarely speaking out loud, but nevertheless has no problem in communicating his intentions with others (most of the time). He is the person most likely to be found with Jason during one of his madcap schemes. First, because Toby actually finds it fun; and second, because the adorability of the raccoon is good for getting the two off the hook when things inevitably go wrong!


Ben is a tortoise and initially a friend of Tomís. He can still be found engaging in some of Jasonís adventures however and isnít afraid to join in even the wildest of escapades.
As well as partaking in the occasional card game with Tom, Ben is also the Dungeon Master of Jasonís role playing group.


A grass snake from the South of England. He finds himself involved with several of Jason and Tomís adventures mostly in a supportive role, but has been known to be right up in the thick of the action. He can be pretty scatter-brained and is prone to missing the point at times. However he is still quite level-headed.

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