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Raring To Go

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20-01-11: Raring To Go

With the culmination of this week's strip, we finally see our two protagonists actually enter a gym and get one step closer to a healthy lifestyle. Although it remains to be seen how long it will last... Only the next few week's worth of episodes can reveal that!
Despite Jason and Tom usually enjoying a somewhat sedate lifestyle, in contrast I have seen my life become more active over the last year. Aside from all the climbing I was doing I also joined a gym (although most of this storyline was created long before then), and this week I even had my first experience of snowboarding. It was an interesting experience, to be sure. One I'd recommend to anyone thinking about trying it out. But be warned, even on real snow a fall can and will hurt. Maybe not physically, but your pride will get severely bruised. Especially when the aforementioned fall occurs while travelling uphill on the drag-lift...

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