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07-12-16: Alarmed

We're Back! After many a long year (a little over four in fact) Quackers is finally back on the internet and lurking around the dusty dark corners of your web browser. Things may look a little different around here (for those that have memories that stretch back far enough to remember the site before). However we've got lots of plans for the comic and the site, and so there will be many more changes and additions both visible and behind the scenes, beginning in the new year!
So, for those of you who are new to Quackers, you can read up a little on the comic and it's characters in the 'Welcome' page.
Also, whether you're new or an old fan, you can catch up with what's gone on before in the comic by perusing the newly refurbished archives.
If you have any comments you can now make yourself heard in the new Disqus comments section now found below every strip!

I hope you all enjoy the new look to the comic and the site, and will continue to enjoy the upcoming strips, and all the exciting plans we have for Quackers. We plan to update every Wednesday with a new comic, which you can be kept up-to-date on by following the Quackers RSS duckfeed. But you can follow any other Quackers-related news and goings on by looking to the news section, as well as following us on Twitter or Instagram.
I'd just like to say thank you for visiting the site, and I hope that you will let other people know about us by spreading the word that we're here. The more people who visit, the more things we'll be able to do with the site and the comic in the future!

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