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10-03-11: Freeriding

Hi there folks. Yes, I know, there was a slip last week and I wasn't able to post a strip. But here is the comic that was supposed to go up, and I am hoping to have the next one (this week's actual strip) up before the end of the weekend. As I'm enjoying my first week off work in six months that should be a promise I can keep for once. Especially as I just need to ink and colour the thing!
As an interesting aside, this strip was the penultimate episode in the gym storyline when I originally planned it. But then I added a bazillion more strips to it and so it's ballooned into the colossal storyline you're currently suffering through. There's still plenty more gym-based shennanigans to go though for those of you able to keep up. I also promise that most of the ones to come are a little less well-worn and clichéd than the ones we've had so far.

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