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The Right Tool For The Job

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07-08-11: The Right Tool For The Job

I do feel the need to apologise for the length of time between comics lately. Having a full-time job is taking it's toll, but I have also been working on some Quackers related things, too, so I hope I'm forgiven. First I managed to (finally) work all my scattered comic ideas for Commander Witless - and there were a lot more than I thought - into several cohesive stories. So further down the line our hapless sci-fi hero will be getting more than just a handful of one-shot strips. At least once I write some extra episodes to tie together some of the more dangly loose threads.
The attentive among you may also have noticed the new navigation icons at the top of the comic pages. I made period specific ones, so each of Jason's personas has new themed buttons. Not too intensive an idea until I realised I had many, many pages to recode to use the new icons.
Topping off the delays I put a lot of effort into the latest episode. So much so I even made the first panel into a wallpaper you can download here. The concept stages for the newly seen shuttle, the plantlife and the fuzzy little alien took time as well. I am a stickler for detail after all... So much so I spent time thinking about what colour the flora should be scientifically, and by extention the alien as well. Then I realised this is a comic with a 5'7" duck as the star. Reality rarely pokes its nose in here and visual aesthetics win out anyday. So enjoy today's comic, look out for more tidying of the site in the near future (when I have time) and look forward to the next comic in the coming week! (I'm sure of it. Mostly)

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