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Making The Most Of It

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10-06-12: Making The Most Of It

I really thought that I'd have this strip published a lot quicker than I did. But between a couple of heavy work weeks and also coming down with a bad sinus/throat infection (trying to sleep with a fever can be so much fun) I've been unable to concentrate on drawing much lately.
The upshot is that while I wrote this strip it was indeed sunny here in the UK, with me sat in the garden, scribbling away in my notebook and even getting something of a tan - another rarity for many an English citizen. But irony has since then jiggled its way into view as it's done almost nothing but remain cloudy or rain constantly from that day, proving once again that Jason and Tom certainly live in an alternate universe version of England. But hey, it's not going to stop me from posting more sunny summer-themed strips! It'll at least take my mind off the golf-ball sized rain drops currently bouncing off the floor outside...

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